Received Comments

Since the novel has been published I have been fortunate to receive a lot of feedback from my readers. Here are some of the comments that have been made:

  • "You remember the sullen faces of London commuters sitting in their tube in the morning and hiding behind their papers. Well today I stood out in there because I was smiling and laughing all the way down town, from Finchley to Euston, and couldn’t even bring myself to stop as I went up the escalator. All this because I was reading the first two chapters of Borderless Deceit, with its wonderful satirical portrayal of officialdom in crisis."
  • "Let me say that walking through the lobby in ol' LBP really made me shudder as I looked out on the street and played out in my mind the scene you described about the snow-encrusted view that it was either Carson or ol' Irv saw one day in your book. Brrrrrr and a bit surreal, let me tell you. But really, I once again was moved along in the world you created. You really can give life to characters. In particular, Jaime and Rachel are wonderful people, fully breathing."
  • "Your book was a terrific read. I finished it this week, found the zany characters and plot captivating! Am going to recommend it to my book club."
  • "Just a note to say how much I enjoyed your latest novel. That was an interesting ending."
  • "I have finally found time to start reading your book and could not wait until I finish to tell you how much I am enjoying it. Truly, I was hooked from page one. I am delighting in every page and in your terrific characterization."
  • "I have just finished it on a beach in Australia. It is superb. The plot is very well constructed with lots of surprises. Your characters are wonderful. And your writing style is fluid - a joy to read. Keep it up. I await the next book."
  • "I finished your second book while flying over Kenya following the Nile northbound towards the Med. As I looked down at the Sahara I was relieved to know that Rachel and Carson remained friends and didn't have a Hollywood finale - but if a Californian producer decides to take your book to the big screen I bet they'd force a more boring "happily ever after" ending."
  • "It was an extremely enjoyable read throughout. I was captivated by the complexity of the characters, the parallel plots, the detailed illustration of unique places -geographical, intellectual and emotional. I found myself many times longing to go back to the book to find out whether Jaime would uncover Carson or how Heywood's paranoia would evolve or whether Diego would uncover the path to Rachel. ... In sum, it was a page-turner all along and I didn't want it to finish."
  • "It was a lot of fun. The whole premise of the (computer) crash and the hacking was scary and the personal vs rational approach to solving bureaucratic problems was disturbing (though amusing at times)."
  • "I finished your book. Diego and Jaime were definitely my favourite characters. I didn't quite get all the computer wizardry. Is that stuff really possible? You certainly have a flowing style and paint vivid pictures with your words."
  • "I just finished Borderless Deceit and, as with most good reads, sad to say goodbye to the characters. So different from The Berlin Assignment. I enjoyed them both tremendously - you are a gifted story-teller. The "will he get the girl?" theme was so strongly woven and pursued. I followed the chase closely and truly expected to be disappointed when Carson and Rachel did not hook up. And I was, a little. But as you said, their time had passed. I just wanted to say congrats ..."