A virus destroys the communication network of the Canadian diplomatic service. Both Carson Pryce, a reclusive intelligence analyst, and Rachel Dunn, a brilliant diplomat with a glowing track record for humanitarian interventions, become suspects. Carson's secret obsession with Rachel leads him to initiate a cover-up, but soon events spiral out of control and both are forced to go into hiding. In a world where privacy has disappeared, where hackers circle each other in cyberspace, and where a mouse click can orchestrate deceit in faraway places, is there space for a rekindling of humanity’s enduring values?


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23 Oct. 08
Adrian de Hoog to hold more book signings in November. Details to be published soon.

22 Oct. 08
A review of Adrian de Hoog's novels published on SpyWise.net!

11 Dec. 07
Rick Belliveau interviews Gar Pardy (former Director General of the Consular Affairs Bureau) about Borderless Deceit. See the YouTube video ...

  Also by Adrian de Hoog  
The Berlin Assignment

Not long after the fall of the Berlin Wall, with a new order in full swing, Canada’s new consul Anthony Hanbury arrives to assume his diplomatic duties. He quickly develops contacts, makes friends, and rises in Berlin society. But is his progress as innocent as it seems? Cold War spies still active in the city assemble a dossier, and the suspicions which accumulate soon threaten to destroy the consul.